IT for small businesses and sole traders

Committed to help small businesses, sole traders, freelancers and individuals who need cost effective small scale IT support

Basic Computing
Websites & Email
Railway Applications

Who's behind it all?

I am a signalling engineer for the railway, and have over 25 years of testing and commissioning experience of metro signalling systems. Therefore I am a self motivated and a driven individual, gaining a BSc (Hons) in Computing and IT from the Open University. I also trained as a commercial pilot and a flying instructor. For over 10 years I trained new pilots to achieve their dream hobby/job, therefore giving me a wide range of knowledge of human factors and mentoring.

During my career I have always been enthusiastic in providing Computer and IT services, and therefore I know that this can be costly for small businesses and therefore above all committed to help that sector. But being a freelancer myself, I understand the challengers that brings.

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Neville Kanathigoda
BSc (Hons) Comp & IT (Open)


Above all I take great pride in providing tailored IT services for small businesses and sole traders, as much as for freelances and individuals, but who don’t have the “know how”, and therefore don’t want to spend large sums of hard earned money, or be tied in to large contracts* for those small IT jobs.

(* Although some services like web hosting and email services will require contracts because those services are continually provided)

IT for small businesses and sole traders basic computing


Provide with any basic computing requirements you need, from simple to more complex requirements, but it will be aimed towards small scale business requirements.

IT for small businesses and sole traders websites

Websites & Email

Do you require a simple website? I can design and even host your website for you, I can setup email accounts for you under your own domain name – Websites are based on WordPress CMS {*But these services will attract monthly or annual subscription}

IT for small businesses and sole traders network cables, rj45, patch


Have you got a network requirements, therefore needing to set up internet connectivity, VPN’s routers or switches? All these requirements can be configured and administered to meet your budget

IT for small businesses and sole traders data services

Working with data

If you have data that needs sorting on spreadsheets or databases, and if you like the data moved or accessed by other databases or platforms. I can work with you to fulfil this task.

IT for small businesses and sole traders scripting


Tailor made scripts for most Linux and Windows systems and for IoT devices. As a result scripts that interact with external data sources like AWS and API’s

IT for small businesses and sole traders railways apps

Railway applications

Support for many applications, from control systems to interlockings, like configuring and administering IoT devices, Embedded Linux, Windows, and ageing systems.

Customer Testimonials

What some of my valued customers are saying

Cloud-nk provides me with a number of bespoke services, especially when the demand is high for services I provide, I like that I can get a quick and reliable service ad-hoc for a great price.

Richard K

IT consultant (Freelance)

Cloud-nk continuously supports us with, design and implementation of bespoke projects, where specialised knowledge in networking and Linux scripting is required. Neville has been supporting our projects for over 5 years and provides an excellent service. 

Nick H

Systems Engineer (London Underground)

I wanted a small single page website and company email for my small business, cloud-nk was quick and efficient at supplying this service, at a decent affordable price.

Tom C


Please feel free to contact me for a friendly chat, no job is too small.